ShelterZoom offers two real estate industry-first, blockchain-based applications:
Offer NOW for online property purchases and Rent NOW for online renting.

Both come with a widget that can be easily installed and integrated with any website that lists real estate for sale or rent, allowing buyers, renters and their agents to make an offer directly from the listing with just a few screen taps.

ShelterZoom’s consumer-facing applications increase the value of real estate listings and provide the first point of entry for making offers.

Make an offer on 'for sale' property, land condo, apartment, home, houses and townhomes with a click away


The easiest, most secure, transparent and efficient way to buy and sell properties found virtually anywhere.

Instant rental application offer on a home/ condo/ apartment/ townhouse/home/house listing


The simplest, most efficient way to rent properties and manage rental units with the ShelterZoom-Secure℠ blockchain solution, found virtually anywhere.

ShelterZoom enables existing real estate companies to seamlessly move to blockchain with minimal up-front costs and effort.

ShelterZoom puts control over the offer/acceptance process into the hands of the stakeholders in every transaction.


ShelterZoom creates confidence among buyers, sellers and their agents throughout the entire sales process.


ShelterZoom removes unnecessary meetings, calls and paperwork, saving time and money.


ShelterZoom provides unprecedented visibility and audibility of every deal.


ShelterZoom uses decentralized smart contracts to ensure everyone’s data is kept safe and private.

Blockchain Technology

ShelterZoom’s blockchain solution is the industry’s first to generate highly secure and interoperable offer agreements

Ethereum smart contract technology
Driven by ethereum blockchain, we make real estate trades transparent and hassle-free
Distributed ledgers maintained by a network of interested parties
Learn more about ShelterZoom's blockchain platform for real-estate
Smart contracts, tamper proof records and encrypted signatures for easy real estate buying and selling.
Permanent, tamper-proof record of each activity and offer
Encrypted signatures


Real-time dashboards allow users to track, aggregate, revise, counter and accept or reject offers in real time.

  • Property aggregation
  • Manage the offer and acceptance process
  • Invite parties
  • Instant chat
  • E-signature capabilities
  • Document flow
  • Agreement generator
  • Document management
  • Different user types


ShelterZoom’s administrative console is designed to support affiliates’ administrative needs. It comes with a range of functionalities, including a configurable form builder which allows users to customize layouts and PDF agreements to support local legal requirements.

  • Access widget installation code
  • Access integration documentation
  • Customize offer form via a configurable form builder
  • Upload template form
  • Generate data analytics reporting
  • Set up buyer agent’s premium service
  • Message ShelterZoom Technical support
Agreement templates can be uploaded and pre-populated based on offer for house, condo, some, townhouse, land or apartment