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ShelterZoom - The future of contracts and
online transactions.

ShelterZoom was founded in 2017 by Allen Alishahi and Chao Cheng-Shorland who wanted to bring real estate transactions up to the level that consumers of today expect. Allen, a real estate broker with over thirty years of experience, and Chao a world-renowned business enterprise architect, saw the way to use blockchain technology to securely and transparently manage offers, negotiation, and acceptances between buyers and sellers. The process takes place seamlessly from mobile or desktop devices and provides time stamped tracking for each offer when it is presented and viewed.

ShelterZoom is the recipient of the 2018 CODiE “Best Emerging Technology Award; the 2018 CIO “Company of the Year award; and was recognized as a 2019 Gamechangers by RealTrends. Currently funded by a group of investors, the company has just launched a revolutionary Offer Now 1-link solution. ShelterZoom is one of only a few proven blockchain solutions on the market and will soon release a robust platform for industry-agnostic contracts, transactions, and closings.

First to Market

In November 2017, ShelterZoom delivered an industry first for real estate: a blockchain-based offer and acceptance online platform. As first-movers in the space we have had the privilege of claiming vital patents, extensive press coverage, and the ability to capitalize on the momentum of our initial product. We have since created the world’s first tokenized, industry-agnostic digital contract platform to advance deal, contract and transaction management in the online space.

Global Market Potential

ShelterZoom’s industry agnostic platform provides the Company an enormous market potential. Our first industry vertical targets the entire global real estate market, valued at $217 trillion. We have already established an extensive global network, paving the way for our next phase of growth. We are in late-stage negotiations with several key players in the public sector. We will further target supply chain, financial services, insurance, education, legal, civil, medicine, energy, resources and even more industries.

Industry Experts

The ShelterZoom team includes highly experienced real estate, e-Commerce, financial services and technology experts, hall-of-fame designers, internationally recognized lawyers, award-winning PR and marketing professionals, and an elite cadre of programmers with decades of experience working at the top of their field.