Offer and Acceptance Process

What User Types are available in an offer transaction?

  • Buyer
  • Buyer agent
  • Listing agent
  • Listing broker
  • Seller

What information shall I prepare before submitting an offer online?

The information required to submit an online offer is similar to what is required by the current manual process.

  • Buyer’s legal name(s), address, mobile phone number, email address
  • If you engage a buyer agent, you need to supply buyer broker/agent details such as office information and agent details, i.e., buyer agent name, agent ID, phone and email.
  • Terms
  • Subject To
  • Mortgage status and lender information. If you have an approval from your lender or a bank statement which can support your application, please have it ready in PDF
  • Attorney details if available

Who can submit an offer?

  • Buyer or buyer agent

How do I submit an offer online?

You can submit an online offer via ShelterZoom’s “Offer NOW” button located on a real estate single listing page at a ShelterZoom’s affiliate’s website.


Upon activating the “Offer NOW” button, you will be asked to sign in and fill in the offer screen before accepting Terms & Conditions and submitting the offer.

You will be sent an SMS on your mobile with a link.


Follow the link to sign in ShelterZoom’s mobile app to finalize your offer and have your offer agreement generated via Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract.


I have already signed an agency disclosure agreement with a buyer agent, can I not enter my agent details?

No. You must enter your buyer agent’s details in the Offer form before submitting your online offer. Once your offer is submitted, the buyer agent will facilitate the offer process. You will only have the view rights until your agent sends you the offer to sign.

Alternatively, you can ask your buyer agent to submit an offer on your behalf. You will get notified.

Can I revise an offer if I make a mistake?

Yes, as long as the offer has not been accepted, rejected or countered.

When submitting an offer, who gets the offer first?

The listing agent will receive the offer first. If the seller information is passed from an affiliate’s website, the seller will receive the notification at the same time.

Can I make an offer directly to the seller?

No, all offers must go through the agent unless it is FSBO (For Sale By Owner).

How soon does a listing agent receive my offer after my offer submission?

The offer is instantaneously sent to the listing agent via SMS.

When do I get notified that a listing agent or a seller has received or viewed my offer?

You get notified immediately as it happens. In addition, you can view the “Document flow” page on your dashboard to see the status.


How do I access an offer?

An offer is accessible via the “View” button on the “Document flow” page. Your local device password is required each time you access an offer.

I am a listing agent, I have received an offer. What options do I have?

You can send the offer to the seller to sign, or reject or make a counter.

I am a buyer agent, I have received a counter-offer. What options do I have?

You can send the offer to the buyer to sign, or reject or make a counter counter-offer.

I am a buyer, I have received a counter-offer. What options do I have?

You can either sign the offer, or reject the offer or make a counter counter-offer.

I am a listing agent, how many counter-offers can I make?

You can make as many counter-offers as you want until it is accepted or rejected by a buyer

I am a buyer or buyer agent, I have received a counter-offer from the listing agent, can I counter the counter-offer?

Yes, you can counter a counter-offer in a similar manner as a listing agent makes a counter-offer.

Will it cost me additional fee to counter an offer?


Can I export an offer agreement to PDF?

Yes. You can export an offer agreement via the PDF menu option in an Offer screen.

Can I access all historical versions of an offer?

Yes. You can view all historical versions of an offer in document flow.


Can a buyer directly chat with the seller? Who can chat with whom?

No. Only the listing agent can directly chat with the seller.

A buyer, who is not represented by an agent, can chat directly with the listing agent.

A buyer agent can chat directly with both the buyer and the listing agent.

Do I get notified when I receive a chat message?

Yes. A notification will appear on your computer and mobile device(s) where you logged in ShelterZoom.

A new message indicator also appears next to the house on the Properties screen as well as the User List screen.