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Learn how ShelterZoom uses the power of blockchain to bring you the most secure and transparent real estate tools in the industry.
With Offer Now from ShelterZoom, agents and clients can make offers online and through mobile securely and transparently using our blockchain infrastructure.
Revolutionizing Real Estate One Block At A Time
Cutting-edge Technology

Decentralized contract management made easy! ShelterZoom’s fully digital solution guarantees success for early adopters.

Seamless Customer Communication

Real-time communication and time stamped changes during every step of the negotiation.

Minimum Upfront Costs

Opportunity to quickly adopt and implement an innovative, proven and low-risk blockchain solution.

Powered by Blockchain

The safest and most secure way to present your offer.

Win Listings

Give sellers the transparency they expect. Get more offers on more listings.

Reach More Buyers

Agents and buyers can submit an offer from anywhere in the world.

Save Time

Real time updates and online document management from your phone. No more driving around to get documents signed.

Track Your Offer

Buyers and sellers can see when their offer and counter offers were received and viewed.

Eliminate Paperwork

Our document management system allows for everything to be managed digitally in a secure platform.

Cutting Edge Industry Solution

The future of property transactions is here today. Our solutions cater for non-residential properties too.

Make an Offer From Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile-friendly means you don’t need to be tied to your desk to present an offer.

Trusted by industry leaders
Streamline Your Offers With Offer Now From ShelterZoom
From Offer to Closing, track every step of the transaction the same as when you buy anything else online.
Save Time. Streamline Your Offers. Eliminate Paperwork.
Powered by blockchain. One of the most secure transaction platforms on the Internet.
Maintain trust with your clients by letting them see when each step has been completed.
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Save Time

The most efficient way to track your offers and communicate with clients during the entire process.

Win Listings. Get More Offers.

Clients love using ShelterZoom because they know when each step of the process takes place, without any extra effort required on your part. Everyone stays in the loop, every step of the way.


"You can see every document on the app on your phone. You can see when it was delivered, and when it was opened."

Debbie Kirkland
Tallahassee, Florida

"This is much more of a smart contract model with clear benefits that are beyond just exchanging paper in the cloud. It does more tracking of the transaction and it’s forever in the historical records."

David Mussari
Dayton, Ohio

"It simplifies the offer and acceptance process and helps [ buyers and investors] feel secure about their data."

Felicia Fair
Frisco, Texas
Transform your records, documents and contracts into intelligent and interconnected assets.

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