Agents, brokers and affiliates can now just add a button to real estate listing and execute an offer

Agents & Brokers

Become an affiliate by choosing a package.
Receive a welcome pack with Offer NOW and/or Rent NOW Installation guide. Install buttons to instantly power your website with blockchain.
Receive affiliate co-marketing material to start receiving offers and getting leads on blockchain while you sleep.
Manage offers and acceptances to start your blockchain journey.
Receive a blockchain ShelterZoom Certificate once you have completed two offer acceptances.
Manage contract and e-closing on ShelterZoom’s Mithra Contract blockchain platform beginning in March.
Agents, brokers and affiliates can now just add a button to real estate listing and execute an offer

Buyers, Sellers & Renters

Discover ShelterZoom affiliates where you can buy, sell or rent on blockchain.
Make an offer.
Experience a new and transparent way of negotiating your deal and communicating with your agent.
Agents, brokers and affiliates can now just add a button to real estate listing and execute an offer

Tech, Data & Corporate Brokerage Partners

Become an Enterprise License holder and enjoy all the benefits the multi-award-winning ShelterZoom blockchain platform brings to you with minimum upfront cost.


ShelterZoom puts control over the deal and transaction process into the hands of the stakeholders in every transaction.


ShelterZoom creates trust and confidence among stakeholders throughout the entire deal, contract and transaction process.

Cost Saving

ShelterZoom significantly reduces government admin costs by removing the layer of third-party verifier, increasing automation and reducing paperwork.


ShelterZoom provides unprecedented visibility and audibility of every deal.


ShelterZoom uses decentralized smart contracts to bring a new-level of security and ensure data is hack-free.
ShelterZoom enables governments to seamlessly move to blockchain with minimal up-front costs and effort.


Make an instant Purchase Offer
Make an instant Rental Offer
Social media shareable link
Mobile app
Virtual negotiation room
Track and aggregate offers
Real-time deal negotiation
Accept & Counter offer
Easy Widget Plug-in
Recommended agent tagging
PDF agreement download
Blockchain e-signature
Offer statistics and insights
Widget customization
Form editor

Mithra Contract

The Mithra Contract is the next-generation Digital Legal Contract and Transaction Management Platform that showcases decentralized and fully digitized contracts with unparalleled real-time and interactive features.

ShelterZoom Marketplace

The ShelterZoom marketplace empowers instant dealmaking, speedy transaction closing and easy service acquisition where any party can showcase, initiate, negotiate, consummate and refer deals, and acquire services at their fingertips.

Leading real estate brands are moving onto ShelterZoom’s blockchain platform